Hosted IT Services Managed IT services from Cluster Networks allow your organization to cost-effectively expand its capabilities. You’ll benefit from the latest technology—including cloud-based software applications; security; monitoring; storage, backup, retrieval, and archiving; web development, hosting, and email; and more. At the same time, you’ll free up your in-house IT department to concentrate on your core business.

Our hosted IT solutions are scalable, so it’s fast and easy to add and remove features and users based on your needs. You never pay for obsolete technology or services you don’t need.

Hosted VoIP an on-premise VoIP system involves substantial investment and a commitment to maintenance. Such systems typically require:

A dedicated technician who can manage and maintain the phones, users, dial plan, call routing, and other ongoing maintenance tasks and responsibilities

A dedicated, climate-controlled room to house servers and call control equipment

Substantial downtime for software upgrades, bug patches, and other maintenance tasks

Such setups are not practical or cost-effective for many businesses and organizations. Hosted VoIP systems from Cluster Networks allow these organizations to focus on the core of their businesses, without worrying about the technology that makes that possible. Operations benefit from the technology without the time, investment, and headaches that typically go along with it.

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Hosted Switching

Switching is not only one of the most crucial components of a network, it can also be a major expense, particularly when the costs of firmware updates, per-port configuration charges, cabling, and cooling are factored in. In addition, security management is more important than ever, with concerns over patient records, credit card issues, and student information, to name just a few. Beyond the expense, switching demands extensive regular maintenance and monopolizes IT resources.

Cluster Network’s hosted switching model can effectively and efficiently address all these issues—without excessive demands on your budget or your staff. Our expertise allows you to concentrate on your business concerns and goals, not your infrastructure

Hosted Wireless

To remain competitive, organizations must be mobile, responsive, and constantly connected. Wireless connectivity is no longer a luxury—it’s a necessity. Unfortunately, it’s also a necessity that’s often accompanied by technical nightmares involving configuration and management issues, such as:

BYOD Policies in schools and offices
Wi-Fi access for physicians, staff, and patients in healthcare environments
Software revisions
Custom network performance demands

Needless to say, managing a network with potentially hundreds of thousands of devices can be overwhelming. Cluster Networks can alleviate these technical nightmares and enable your organization leverage the power of advanced technology to strengthen your organization’s bottom line.

Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device management (2X MDM) is the ability to secure, monitor, manage, and support the mobile devices within an organization. With the staggering number of smartphones, tablets, and notebook computers within an organization (and the possibility of multiple platforms for each!), regular tasks such as tracking, application management, firmware updates, troubleshooting, and monitoring can easily overload an internal IT department.

Cluster Networks can manage all these devices for an organization, while still giving management the opportunity to monitor each device. Your team remains connected and operating smoothly, while your IT resources are free to focus on expanding your business.