PROTECTING your patients’ health and your reputation.

Unwavering reliability is critical to the health of your patients…and the reputation of your institution. We protect both. Easily customized solutions address the needs of a wide range of healthcare facilities and organizations, maximizing safety and enhancing productivity. Your organization maintains control of updates and changes without putting added strain on your IT department. You remain focused on care, leaving communication to us.

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In an industry where seconds can save lives, we also save you dollars.

To remain competitive, healthcare organizations must invest heavily in medical technology and staffing. Cloud-based solutions from Cluster Networks give you state-of-the-art connectivity without huge up-front expenditures. The intuitive nature of our systems also means less time and money spent on training and maintenance.

Reliable access to information.

Accuracy. Availability. Mobility. Scalability. Now you can have them all. Improved sharing of vital information can enable staff to function more efficiently and effectively. More importantly, it can improve patient care and outcomes.

Addressing documentation and compliance issues.

Managing the massive amounts of information involved in any healthcare-related organization can be overwhelming. Cluster Networks technology can ease the pain. Reliable systems for secure communication and documentation are customizable and meet APA, AAPC, CHC, HCCA, and other standards.